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Industrial expertise

Our expertise

A variety of products with optimum quality
Production Plants

The production plants have been equipped with modern, exclusively European machines, which ensures that the products are of the highest quality.

This equipment allows GALPHARMA to manufacture products in solid (tablets, capsules, sachets and PPS), liquid (syrups, suspensions and preparations for external use) and pasty (cream, ointment and gel) forms.

In addition, high-performance equipment in the control laboratory enables GALPHARMA to accept only materials that comply with European Pharmacopoeia standards and to control finished products in accordance with the requirements of the marketing authorisation dossier.

Evolution and development

The remarkable evolution of GALPHARMA, the result of the management team’s strategy, which was part of the commitment to seriousness and transparency and the increase in the number of marketing approvals, encouraged the management team to pursue the development and reinvestment strategy in order to strengthen our market share and also to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of our clients.

Expansion of the production space

Thus, at the end of 2012, the surface area of the GALPHARMA Laboratories increased from 6300m² to 52,000m² and the area covered, which represents the two production and administration plants, from 2,500m² to 9,200m².

With a managerial staff ratio of around 40%, more than 320 employees ensure that our patients’ needs are met day and night, through the production of high quality medicines.

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